Biokobi became official representative of LEC brand (Japan)

Biokobi International, UAB became the official representatives of the Japanese brand LEC. Japanese products are world-renowned for their extremely high-quality standards, and Lithuanian families were quick to test and fall in love with them. We are happy to announce that Biokobi International, UAB has become the first official representative of the Japanese manufacturer LEC in the Europe!
LEC U.S.A. Corporation is one of LEC group companies. LEC group always listen to customers’ voices and improve our products and services. LEC group’s principle is to see everything from our customers´ viewpoints, and to develop products by putting us in our customers´ positions. All members of LEC group are eager to fulfill customers´ wishes. LEC group always considers about doing more to make our customers happy. LEC group constantly aims to make customers’ lives better.

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