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“Merries" comes from the English word "merry", which means cheerful and smiley. It is also inspired from the musical merry-go-round mobile hung above babies' cribs to make them smile. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Merries wants babies to be happy, comfortable, and smiling. We believe that the happy times which happy babies and happy parents spend together are vital to the baby's growth and development.

Merries continually delivers products that contribute to the baby's healthy physical and emotional development, with the aim to be the most "gentle to the skin" baby diaper in the world. We will constantly innovate to help parents enjoy their child-raising years and ensure that their babies live as happily and comfortably as possible.

Merries diapers consist of 3 layers that ensure air permeability and excellent circulation, and excess moisture and heat evaporates outward through the micropores of the outer layer. This is why baby’s skin will never be sewn or red. The large waves in the diapers are designed to absorb pee and poo, while the small waves are designed to prevent the leakage of poo around diaper.

Due to the natural cotton, the inner layer of diapers is very thin and soft. As a result, the material that surrounds the sensitive baby’s skin and still growing baby’s legs fits perfectly without squeezing the skin. Diapers for even the smallest babies have extra pleats. They act as fuses that automatically unfold when the diapers are ready for use and reliably prevent unexpected leakage.

KAO Corporation


Kao Corporation (hereinafter “Kao”) bases its business activities on the idea of “Yoki- Monozukuri” from the perspective of consumers and customers, and helps enrich the lifestyles of people globally. Through its research and development, the company engages in the creation of innovative products, which can be used safely and with peace of mind and are renowned for their high quality. Kao aims to produce and distribute these products in an efficient manner, identify consumer needs, clearly communicate the benefits of its products, and create points of sale where they can be easily chosen and bought.

Moony & Moony Natural

Moony's unique materials that are soft and stretchable combined with a structure that fits a baby's body shape provide full protection from leakage without being overly tight!

Diapers are originally flat objects that use features such as rubber and gathers so that they fit to a baby's body in three dimensions. However, if gaps are caused by the baby's posture and movements, this can cause leakage of urine or stools.

Mothers want to prevent leakage by not having any gaps, but feel bad if the diapers are too tight and the gathers leave marks.

In response to these concerns of mothers, moony has made diapers with a completely new structure so that they fit to the round shape of babies without being overly tight!

Moony's Air Fit® diapers not only prevent leakage even if they are put on gently. Because the gathers to prevent leakage are structured so they don't fold in inwardly, they stand firmly and fulfill their role as a breakwater without the mother having to take any particular care when putting them on.

Theses diapers are also very easy for mothers to use as mothers no longer have to insert a finger to fix the gathers after putting the diaper on.

Because diapers are in contact with your baby's skin every day, we want to wrap them in materials that are very soft and safe. That's how Natural Moony was born.

Natural Moony doesn't contain substances that are harmful to the body, and has been certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, a textile product mark that indicates the highest safety level in the world and is gentle to people and the future.

The only* diaper in Japan that uses organic cotton on the internal surface sheet that comes in contact with the skin.

The surface is soft and feels very good on the skin, so you can have peace of mind about your newborn baby's delicate skin.
*For major disposable diapers for babies in Japan. Mar. 2021 research by Unicharm.

Contains plant oils with moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects.
The surface sheet contains an optimal balance of 3 types of natural* plant oils with moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects.
*Olive oil, jojoba oil, and rice oil

Surface sheet doesn't contain harmful substances* and is additive-free§
Natural Moony is a disposable diaper that gives you peace of mind about sensitive skin, because the surface sheet doesn't contain harmful substances* and is made of additive-free§ materials.
*Based on the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® criteria
§The 4 components (petroleum-derived oil, fragrance, latex, and synthetic coloring) are additive-free


Unicharm Corporation wishes to provide people of all ages, from baby to the elderly, with products to gently support their minds and bodies to free them from burdens and allow them to fulfill their dreams. Including this desire in our corporate philosophy 'NOLA & DOLA' (Necessities of Life with Activities & Dreams of Life with Activities), they offer baby and child care products centering on disposable diapers, wet tissues.
Their environment changes with the times, and customer needs are becoming increasingly sophisticated and diversified. Quick to capture these needs, we have developed new products ahead of the market, utilizing nonwoven fabric and absorbent material processing and molding techniques that they have developed over the years since their foundation. They take pride in offering unprecedented value to customers through our products and contributing to changes in their lifestyles. They will continue to adhere to our principle of putting the top priority on manufacturing high-quality daily commodity products so we can continue to deliver high value-added products to customers.

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