Humanitarian aid for the people of Ukraine

When the news of the outbreak of war in Ukraine on February 24, 2022 shocked the world, no one was left indifferent. Companies and individuals across Lithuania rushed to help in any way they could: providing food, medicine, vehicles and other necessities. Whoever could, gave refuge to Ukrainians fleeing the war. Biokobi International, UAB joined the effort already in the first weeks of the war, supporting people with young children living in Ukraine with no plans to leave their country. Our donations included disposable nappies for babies, berry and fruit purees, and wet wipes. The amount of the donation exceeded EUR 1100. The company does not limit its support to this – employees volunteer in organizations providing support and contribute financially to the activities of the relief funds in Ukraine. As the company increases its workforce, it provides every opportunity for Ukrainians to apply for the positions they want.
Social responsibility – an integral part of the philosophy of Biokobi international, UAB.
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